Body Language Code™
Master Trainer Certification

Master the ‘Code’ to Change People’s Destiny

Introducing a one-of-a-kind International Certification Training hosted in Malaga, Spain.
Join us to become one of the most advanced body language trainers in the world!

If you’re looking to embark on a Total Communication Makeover, this is one journey that is totally reinventing
the personal and professional speaking success of people everywhere.

Kasia Wezowski’s upcoming new book, the Body Language Code™, is already so popular that you can become certified in the advanced methodology featured in the book—even before it’s released!

Our in-depth journey of communication begins with non-verbal communication and ventures straight into learning what to say, how to say it, and how to reestablish your social negotiation skills. Whether you’re looking to become a more confident speaker, or you just want the skills to interact with anyone, anywhere, join today.

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In this training you’ll learn MUCH MORE than non-verbal communication:

How to Speak

You’ll learn what to say or what to ask to assess the baseline of a person in the beginning of a conversation. Learn to disarm the toughest pokerface and what to say to people who are hiding something from you.

How to Sharpen Your Intuition

Knowing how to interpret accurately the non-verbal cues you see is just the start. In this course, you’ll learn how to check if your interpretations are correct and how to dig deeper, essentially steering the conversation in order to make accurate conclusions about the intentions of others.

How to Inspire

You’ll learn which questions to ask to get a decisive advantage in negotiations. Here you’ll learn the Aikido of conversational strategies, essentially getting your target to convince themselves of your intentions.


Join Our Mission to Inspire Change
for 1,000,000 Lives!

This Training Increases EQ with an average of 10%
Our studies show that who has the power to read body language, sells on average 20% more products

Get access to the Body Language Code™ tools to ensure measurable results in your personal life,
as well as the business of your clients!

We’ll teach you to go WAY BEYOND simply ‘Body Language’:

Master Your Conversation Skills

When you’ve mastered the BLINK Conversation Technique, you’ll have the power to better negotiate and get the upper hand in sales conversations.

Apply the science of investigation to ethical business and unlock what would otherwise be business secrets.

Accurate Interpretations

You’ll learn more than one hundred useful body language interpretations.

We’ll give you the tools to exercise these interpretations with advanced videos in 4K video quality, then teach you how to apply the knowledge to other people at the course.

How to Get Where You Want

Interpretations are just the basics.

We’ll also teach you how to apply them both in real life and business, and how to stimulate people in such a way that they offer non-verbal cues which allow you to respond in an emotionally intelligent manner.

Real Life Exercises

Together we’ll venture into the busy streets of Spain and apply the techniques you’ve learned with regular people.

We’ll then record your interactions on video, which we’ll later review to improve your performance.


Most of the ‘research’ you’ve read about in books or online isn’t accurate, which is why we’ve recreated many studies in our own lab to debunk some popular myths.

We’ll let you in on what’s real, what isn’t, and what’s you can learn from it all.

First Step to Licensing

The attendees at this certification training will have priority when it comes to acquiring the Partner License of the Body Language Code™ trainings in their country.

This includes all the tools, methods, pictures, videos, materials, etc.

Expand Your Portfolio!

Become a Trainer
for the World’s Most Advanced Tools in Human Emotions

This high-level trainer’s course will give you access to:

  • Our micro expressions training program with 300+ real-life videos and 30 videos in 4K quality
  • More than 20 hours of online videos on micro expressions and body language
  • An additional 40+ hours of recordings from our Body Language Summit featuring leading authorities on emotional intelligence
  • More than 80 pictures of interpretations to use in your presentations
  • More than 50 pre-designed slides of our research and content to use in your training
  • Pictures of all 26 micro expressions variations to use for your materials
  • Numerous marketing materials including manuals, offer templates, email templates, and more
  • Access to online measuring tools to test your clients before and after training
  • Chance to establish joint research with companies to convert prospects into clients
  • Become a featured Certified Trainer on our website

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Empower Yourself
to Win in Negotiations
by Communicating with the Empathy
of a Buddhist Monk

Follow Our 2 Month FREE Body Language e-Course:

We made soft skills measurable!

Measure and Prove Client Results by implementing the Black-on-White Method

Learn to Teach a Program that Consistently Changes Lives and Businesses for the Better

Our program has proven to:

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence with 10% (see Harvard University video below)
  • Knowing how to read micro expressions results in 20% more products sold
  • Learn to predict both success and failure based on the Body Language Code Score

Join Us in Introducing this Program to Clients


Acquire Limitless Social Skills

Have you ever met somebody you felt a deep connection with from the very first meeting?
Have you ever met somebody where you felt they totally understood how you feel?

These don’t just have to be rare occurrences. We’ll give you the techniques to make this happen
with each and every interaction, and we’ll give you the tools to teach them to your clients.


First you follow 4 hours of Online Preparation Training:

Prior to your arrival, you’ll receive online access to the Micro Expressions Practitioner program, a 1-year METV license, and 101 Body Language Interpretations. This will give you the information needed to fully understand and employ the teachings in the class.
You’ll need to spend at least four hours of training prior to the live program in Spain.
Online materials consist of more 60 hours of training, recordings, webinars and interviews to watch, but you should already completed the 101 Interpretations and the basics of the Micro Expressions Practitioner Program (4 hours in total) before you arrive in Spain.

Then you join our 4 Day Live Classroom:

Day 1
Mastering Advanced BLINK

  • Learn to apply 101 Body Language Interpretations
  • Advanced cases of Micro Expressions and Body Language signals
  • Full theory and practice of the BLINK Conversation Technique
  • Practice with real people on the streets of Spain (interactions will be recorded)
  • Mastering the advanced BLINK for sales and negotiations

Day 2
Mastering the ‘Code’

  • Reviewing and providing feedback from the Live BLINK Practice videos
  • Discover the Body Language Code™ principles
  • Master your own Body Language Code™
  • The keys to uncovering the Body Language Code™ of others
  • Unlocking the hidden potential in any conversation
  • Learn to connect and build lasting relationships

Day 3
Learning to Train Clients

  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • How to use BLINK for groups and large audiences
  • Feeling comfortable and confident with any audience
  • Establishing different tools and content tailored to target groups
  • Video recordings and practicing your presentation skills
  • Recording your micro expressions (if you want us to) and analyzing them in 4K video quality

Day 4
Become a Master Trainer

  • Combining all the advanced body language skills from previous days
  • Learning the success formula of a charismatic leader and presenter
  • Body Language Code™ of successful entrepreneurs
  • How to teach BLINK to uncover the Body Language Code™
  • Mastering the skills for your unique training

For Who is this Training?

The 2-Day Master Training is for:

  • Trainers and coaches looking to better understand the emotions of their clients and participants.
  • Sales professionals who want to learn what potential clients are not saying in words.
  • CEOs and managers who want to be more aware of what their employees experience.
  • Recruiters who are looking to find if potential job candidates are speaking the truth.
  • Negotiators who want to see the hidden emotions on the face of others.
  • Anyone looking to build happier, and more authentic relationships.

The Full 4-Day Trainer Training is for:

Professionals who would like to teach the Body Language Code™
to the target groups on the left side.

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Training Location

Near Malaga, Spain
Stunning Views of the Sea and Mountains
8 Minutes Drive to the Beach

Receive Three Full Certifications

Thanks to our full 4 Days Trainer program, you will receive three certifications:

  • Micro Expressions Practitioner
  • Body Language Code™ Master
  • Body Language Code™ Master Trainer

As a bonus, you’ll also complete the first step towards obtaining an Exclusive License for delivering the Body Language Code™ training in your country!

Patryk & Kasia are actively searching for skilled trainers to present the cutting edge methodologies and advanced tools in their own country as a Licensed Partner.

Master the BLINK Conversation Technique™

Get the complete master manual and learn techniques to apply the BLINK Conversation Technique™ in your daily life and business conversations.Our unique conversation technique allows you to gather crucial information during every business meeting and receive answers on all your questions, without ever having to ask them.


  • Have more direct conversations
  • Close more deals in a shorter time
  • Create a decisive advantage in negotiations
  • Create better understanding with your team
  • Detect lies without anybody noticing

Analysis of IMPACT Movie Extracts

During our next Master Training in Spain, we will use awesome real-life extracts from our Impact film to analyse on the level of micro expressions and body language.

Meet Your Trainers

Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski are the founders of the Center for Body Language, the World’s #1 Body Language Training for Business.
Here are a few of their combined accomplishments:

  • Best Selling Authors of The Micro Expressions Book for Business and two other books
  • Providers of celebrity analysis throughout international media (CBS, Fox, Forbes, and more)
  • Creators of the world’s first and only Micro Expressions Training, complete with videos
  • Founders of the first International Certification standard for Body Language and Micro Expressions Training for Practitioners, Coaches, and Trainers
  • Local Representatives in more than 15 countries
  • Executive Producers of the Award Winning Documentary “Destressed” and Creators of the ‘Coaching’ movie
  • International Speakers who have spoken at Harvard University, TEDx, and other top conferences around the world
  • Thought leaders and developers of a unique Body Language methodology tailored for business people

Follow Our 2 Month FREE Body Language e-Course:


Receive access to all slides and research from our Harvard University speech:

You’ll be able to teach all the research results we mention in our TEDx talk:

You’ll learn our 3S System to predict any contest,
just like we did at Pioneers Festival:

You’ll join our mission to inspire more than 1,000,000 lives and we’ll help to promote your work through our Coaching movie community:

Get access to 40+ hours of our Body Language Summit interviews with Daniel Goleman
and many other world-class experts on non-verbal communication:

Participate behind-the-scenes in our upcoming projects, similar to our correct predictions of the elections outcome in USA, Colombia, Belgium, and more!

During the Body Language Code course, you’ll be able
to exercise your newly learned skills in real-life situations:

Don’t take it from us…
Discover what people who attended the Master Trainer say:

Become a Licensed Partner (Optional)

If you’d like to take your training and leadership to the next level, we’re offering a select few the chance to become one of our Licensed Partners.
Check below for the benefits:

  • We’ll co-publish the Body Language Code™ book with you in your country and in your language
  • You receive exclusivity for your country/area
  • You’ll receive access to our private forum with research and articles for trainers and partners
  • We’ll create a branded website for you with our proven strategy to attract clients
  • We’ll translate METV and the Body Language Card game into your language
  • You’ll have the possibility to personally co-create a product with us that we will help launch in your country and present to our ‘Coaching’ movie followers

Interested in becoming a Licensed Partner before you join the Master Trainer program?
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Register Today!


Location: 30 min from Malaga, Spain

You can follow our course in person in Spain:
2 Day Master Training Dates: 6-7 June 2020
4 Day Trainer Training Dates: 6-9 June 2020

Or you can follow everything 100% online from home:
Online Master – start anytime, at home
Online Trainer – start anytime, at home

Early Bird discount until 15 September 2019!

In addition to the training fee, you might expect the following additional expenses if you join us in Spain:

Room range €50-80/night
Meals range €10-20/meal
Flights from Europe -+ €200 / USA $800

We will happily send you accommodation suggestions close to the training location after your registration.

Want to follow the training 100% online?

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2 Day Master – 6-7 June 2020

“I’ll start the Master Training
and think about the full program later.”
Early Bird discount until 15 September 2019:

€1450 €875 / $1650 $990

  • Access to more than 60 hours of online training, recordings, and interviews
  • 2-day live Master training in Malaga, Spain
  • Certification as a Micro Expressions Practitioner
  • Certification as a Body Language Code™ Master
  • Master our BLINK Conversation Technique™ on an advanced level
  • Live exercises on the streets of Spain
  • Live feedback from your personal recorded video sessions

Want to follow the Master 100% Online?
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and access the full Master recordings of 2015 and 2016.

4 Day Trainer
6-9 June 2020

“Yes, I go for the Full Trainer Program!”
Early Bird discount until 15 September 2019:

€3500 €2450 / $3990 $2750

  • All benefits from the Master Training
  • 4-day live Master & Trainer training in Malaga, Spain
  • Your name featured in our next book
  • Additional Trainer Benefits
  • First step to licensing (optional)
  • 1-year access to all tools
  • Access to online measuring tools to test your clients before and after your training
  • Access to Numerous marketing materials, including manuals, offer templates, email templates, and more
  • Use 4K micro expression videos in your trainings (with your own face, if you want us to record you)

Want to follow the Trainer 100% Online?
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and access the full Trainer recordings of 2015 and 2016.

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